Hey everyone, 

I know I haven’t been very active lately, and I know this message is long but it would mean a LOT to me if you guys would take the time to read it. 
I’m gonna ask you guys for a huuuuuuuuge favor that won’t take up too much time at all. I’m entered in a random scholarship drawing for $20,000, which would cover about 1/3 of all my expenses for my second year at NYU if I was chosen. 
Basically, for everyone—18 or older—who visits this linkhttps://www.gotchosen.com/en/scholarship/sponsor/iamtheatrenerd and signs up to sponsor me, which includes registering on the site with your name, email, and physical address (not 100% sure about the last one, it may just be name, email, and confirming your email) my name will be entered one extra time into the drawing. 
The deadline to sponsor June 30th, 2014 and the scholarship winner will be chosen the 31st. 
And if you’re really passionate about this, since everyone 18+ can be a sponsor, feel free to share the link with your friends/loyal fans/followers/stalkers over other social media.
Thank you guys so much! 

<3 <3

isnt the weather supposed to KNOW i shaved my legs and expect a day to physically reveal this to the world